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Port Isabel Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury occurs when you experience any harm to your body, mind, or emotions. When someone else’s actions are responsible for your personal injury, you may qualify for a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

If you are injured in an unexpected accident, trust De La Garza Law Firm to represent your case. Our Port Isabel personal injury lawyer will advocate aggressively for your maximum recovery and help you secure the settlement that you deserve. 

Why Choose De La Garza Law Firm

  • Our firm will not rest until you recover a settlement. We take on a limited number of cases so that we can achieve maximum results for each of our clients. 
  • You will have direct communication with your attorney throughout your case. He will always be available to answer your questions and respond to any concerns. 
  • We take all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. If we do not secure an award in your case, you will not pay legal fees. 
  • We handle personal injury litigation in McAllen, Edinburg, Rio Grande, and around Southern Texas.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are injured and want to pursue legal action, you need an attorney on your side. A personal injury lawyer from De La Garza Law Firm can provide several benefits to your case, such as the following.

  • Your lawyer will have significant experience representing clients in similar cases and can guide you through each stage of litigation, providing valuable advice along the way.
  • You may need to negotiate with insurance companies and defense lawyers. Our attorney is a tough negotiator who will pursue litigation if necessary to achieve a maximum settlement.
  • Your attorney can help you identify all possible avenues to compensation and gather evidence to calculate your settlement. Using this information, he can advocate for your highest possible award. 

Injury Cases We Handle

At De La Garza Law Firm, we represent Port Isabel residents in a wide range of personal injury claims. Some of the injury cases that we handle include, but are not limited to, the following.

Texas Statute of Limitations

In Texas, all civil lawsuits are subject to a filing deadline known as the statute of limitations. If you plan on pursuing a personal injury claim, you must file your lawsuit within two years from the date that your injury occurred. 

The court will likely dismiss your case if you file after the deadline, preventing you from recovering a settlement. If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, speak to an attorney at De La Garza Law Firm and initiate your claim as soon as possible. 

Compensation from Personal Injury Claims

You can recover two types of compensation by filing a Texas personal injury lawsuit: economic and non-economic.

  • Economic damages refer to the financial losses that you experienced in your accident. Damages like medical expenses, property repairs, lost wages, and disability accommodations fall under this category.
  • Non-economic damages involve the physical and emotional impact of the injury, also known as pain and suffering. Examples of non-economic damages include emotional distress, chronic pain, permanent disability, and depression. 

Contact a Port Isabel Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured in an unexpected accident, De La Garza Law Firm can help. Our Port Isabel personal injury attorney will not rest until you recover the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation and strategize your next steps.