Texas Wrongful Cremation Lawsuit

Posted in Funeral & Cemetery Negligence on April 26, 2022

When a loved one passes away, we place our trust in funeral homes, cemeteries, and other service providers who can handle the body according to the deceased’s final wishes. Unfortunately, not all professionals perform their duties with care.  Some funeral homes or cemeteries mistakenly cremate bodies that are intended for burial. If your family has… read more

Can You Sue a Funeral Home for Losing Ashes?

Posted in Funeral & Cemetery Negligence on April 25, 2022

Many mistakes can occur at funeral homes. An employee may mislabel or misread a critical document. Facilities can ignore correspondence with family members that details how the deceased’s body should be handled. In some cases, a facility may lose a person’s remains completely. If your family trusted a funeral home to handle your loved one’s… read more

What Qualifies as Emotional Distress in a Personal Injury Case?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2022

In a Texas personal injury case, not all injuries are physical. Many victims of unexpected accidents and acts of violence experience serious emotional distress following the incident. Emotional distress can make it difficult to go to work, spend time with loved ones, or engage in daily activities. While emotional distress can have a significant impact… read more

What Are the Seat Belt Laws in Texas?

Posted in Car Accident on March 29, 2022

When traveling in a motor vehicle, it is important to always wear a seat belt. These restraints significantly reduce the risk of death in the event of an accident, preventing vehicle occupants from being thrown around the vehicle or onto the road.  If you are driving in Texas, you will need to be aware of… read more

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer For You

Posted in Personal Injury on March 29, 2022

When you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, finding the right attorney to represent your case can be a challenge. There are many factors that you will need to consider, from fee arrangements and case results to client testimonials and lawyer credentials. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer can make a major difference in your… read more

Who Is At-Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

Posted in Car Accident on February 25, 2022

T-bone accidents are unfortunately common. These collisions occur when one vehicle crashes into the side of another car. A t-bone accident can be devastating, often resulting in severe injuries for the drivers and passengers involved. Because Texas is a fault car accident state, victims of t-bone collisions have the right to pursue an insurance claim… read more

How to Obtain and Read Your Texas Car Accident Report

Posted in Personal Injury on February 25, 2022

If you’re involved in a Texas car accident, a police officer will likely create an official report about the incident. According to the Texas Transportation Code, a police report must be created after any collision involving physical injury or property damage. A car accident report contains important data, including the names of involved parties, the… read more

When Are Trucking Companies Liable?

Posted in Truck Accidents on January 25, 2022

To keep everyone safe on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has enacted several rules and regulations for commercial truck drivers. Trucking companies and their drivers have a responsibility to follow these laws, which include hours-of-service rules, weight limits, and training requirements. Unfortunately, some trucking companies ignore these laws and commit illegal… read more

How Dangerous Is Texting While Driving?

Posted in Car Accident on January 25, 2022

To drive safely, motorists need to focus their full attention on the road. Any distraction that takes the mind, eyes, or hands off the act of driving can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, many drivers engage in distracted driving, focusing their attention on electronic devices instead of the road. Texting while driving is a particularly dangerous… read more

How Courts Assess Liability in an 18-Wheeler Accident

Posted in Truck Accidents on January 25, 2022

Commercial 18-wheeler trucks are significantly larger and heavier than the average car. Any type of accident that involve these vehicles can be very dangerous and catastrophic, resulting in severe injuries and devastating fatalities.  You can recover compensation for a truck accident through a lawsuit but proving liability in an 18-wheeler collision can be complex. To… read more