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February 2021

What to Do After a Car Accident to Help Your Injury Claim

The moments after a car accident can feel overwhelming. You may have severe injuries, be concerned about the safety of your passengers, and worry about the state of your vehicle. You may also worry about how you will be able to pay for the losses you endured in the crash, such as treatment for injuries and recovery from lost wages. Under Texas law,…

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Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Texas

If you are in a car accident in Texas, you may be eligible for compensation. Texas is a fault state for car accidents, meaning that drivers who cause collisions are financially responsible for their victims’ damages. You can recover this compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. While each pathway to compensation involves different steps, they both require evidence. You will…

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Recovering Compensation for Injuries After a Car Accident

Car accidents can result in serious damages, from property damage and psychological trauma to severe, debilitating injuries. If you suffer injuries in a car accident, you may need surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to fully heal. These medical expenses can be overwhelming. In Texas, car accident victims have the right to collect compensation from the drivers responsible for their collisions. If someone…

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