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Texas Fatal Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Anyone who drives or has ridden on a motorcycle likely knows how easy it is to become seriously injured in an accident. Not only are serious injuries common in motorcycle accidents, fatalities are also far too common as well. When we look at statistics related to fatal motorcycle accidents in Texas, there are some surprising findings that may shed some light on how so many people are killed each year. 

Fatal Accidents Per Year 

While we don’t have data on all the potential factors that lead to motorcycle related deaths in Texas, the numbers for fatal crashes do paint a striking picture. According to the most recent records, nearly 36,000 people are killed each year in a motorcycle accident. What the data also tells us is that the rate of deaths per month remains fairly consistent throughout the year, with only a slight decline in related deaths during the colder months of the year. 

What we can tell from these statistics is that seasonal changes and road traffic have little to no effect on the rate of travel for motorcycles or the amount of fatalities that are experienced. Due to the steady nature of the rate of fatal crashes, we can assume there is no correlation between the number of accidents and busier times of year when people tend to do more traveling, which suggests that many fatal motorcycle accidents are localized. 

Fatal Crashes By Time of Day and Day of Week

When we look more closely at when fatal motorcycle crashes happen, we learn some key information. 

For starters, we learn that between the hours of 6 am and noon on any given day, the rates of fatal crashes are relatively low. However, these numbers climb throughout the course of the day and peak between the hours of 6pm and 3am. 

We also noticed a trend in higher accident rates on Friday through Sunday with somewhat stable crash rates for the rest of the week. From this data we can estimate that many of the fatal accidents are related less to traffic density and the number of potential vehicle collisions, and more so towards driver impairment such as lack of sleep or DUI given the time of day when crashes are most frequent and the days in which fatal crashes are at their highest. 

Weather Conditions and Visibility 

It’s only natural to assume that inclemate weather and poor visibility might play a significant role in the rate of fatal motorcycle crashes. After all, slick roads and low lighting make it more difficult to drive for anyone, much less a motorcycle. 

However, what we find when we look at the accident data is that a large portion, roughly ⅓ of all fatal motorcycle accidents per year in Texas, occur during the daylight hours under normal weather conditions. Significantly lower accident rates happen during poor visibility conditions and inclement weather plays only a miniscule factor in the total number of fatal crashes. 


While the data we have is incomplete, by piecing together the various bits of information we have, we can surmise that the vast majority of accidents are due largely to error of either the driver of the motorcycle or other drivers. 

It is important to take proper safety precautions when operating a motorcycle under any conditions. Always wear a helmet, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and remember to signal properly when maneuvering on the road to decrease the chances of being in an accident.