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10 Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Pedestrians are often vulnerable to serious accidents in Texas. Distracted drivers, poor lighting, inclement weather, and many other factors can contribute to dangerous walking conditions. The unfortunate reality is that pedestrians cannot trust motorists to see them while walking along and crossing Texas roads.

For these reasons, it is important for pedestrians to stay alert and follow the rules of the road.

If you plan on going for a walk, keep these safety tips in mind to protect yourself and those around you.

#1: Put Away the Electronics

Distractions from cell phones and other electronic devices can heighten the risk of a pedestrian accident. Never walk and look at a device at the same time and avoid wearing headphones.

#2: Walk in Well-Lit Areas

Low visibility can lead to pedestrian accidents, especially at night. Always walk in areas with good lighting, or wear light-colored clothes and reflective equipment.

#3: Be Extra Careful at Intersections

Intersections can be dangerous places for pedestrians. When you approach one, make sure to be extra careful. Wait a few seconds after the light changes to green before you enter the intersection and keep an eye out for passing cars.

#4: Obey Traffic Signs and Signals

Like drivers, pedestrians have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road. Always obey the traffic signs and signals in the area where you are walking.

#5: Never Assume That a Driver Can See You

Many pedestrian accidents happen because of distracted driving. When you are walking, never assume that a driver can see you and be cautious when walking by a car. If you can, make eye contact with oncoming drivers.

#6: Stay on the Sidewalk

Always walk on the sidewalk or a pedestrian path when one is available. If there are no sidewalks in the area, walk in the direction facing traffic and stay as far away from cars as possible.

#7: Do Not Walk While Intoxicated

Just like driving, walking while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be very dangerous. These substances impair concentration, judgement, vision, and many other important functions. To avoid an accident, never go for a walk while intoxicated. Instead, call for a taxi or rideshare for a safe ride home.

#8: Avoid Jaywalking

Whenever you cross the street, make sure that you cross at an intersection or crosswalk. Drivers expect pedestrians to be in these locations. Never jaywalk; not only is this practice illegal, but it can be very dangerous and lead to an accident.

#9: Check for Cars Before Stepping Off the Curb

When you are about to step off the curb and cross the street, make sure to check twice for oncoming vehicles. Drivers can be very careless in these areas. If you do see an oncoming driver, make sure that he or she can see you.

#10: Make Sure That You Have Enough Time to Cross

When crossing at an intersection with a pedestrian signal, make sure that you have enough time to make it across the street. Do not enter the crosswalk if the “Don’t Walk” signal is flashing, as that means the light will turn red soon. If the light changes while you are crossing the intersection, continue walking.

Speak to a Lawyer After a Texas Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents can happen at unexpected times. If you were injured while walking in Texas, it is important to consult with an attorney about your legal options. After you receive medical care, speak to a Texas pedestrian accident lawyer to take your first steps toward filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.