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Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful, especially when you’re awaiting a settlement. The financial impact of a collision can be severe, and why you are recovering from these hardships, you may wonder, “Why is my car accident settlement taking so long?” Understanding the reasons why your car accident claim might be delayed can ease some of this stress and offer clarity in what may feel like a complex process.

An Overview of the Car Accident Claims Process in Texas

In Texas, the car accident claims process begins when the injured party, known as the claimant, files a claim with the insurance company of the party at fault. This initiates an investigation by the insurance company; the representative will review evidence like police reports, medical records, and witness statements, and possibly conduct further accident reconstruction.

Once all necessary information is collected, the insurance company will typically either deny the claim or offer a settlement. If the claimant doesn’t agree with the settlement amount, negotiations ensue.

In cases where a resolution cannot be reached, the claimant could escalate his or her claim to a personal injury lawsuit. After filing the lawsuit, the claimant and his or her lawyer will enter the discovery process, where they will depose witnesses and exchange evidence with the other party. 

The parties can negotiate a settlement at any time during this process. However, if a resolution cannot be reached, the case will go to court and a judge or jury will issue a verdict.

How Long Does a Car Accident Claim Usually Take?

The length of a car accident claim varies greatly based on the specifics of the incident and subsequent negotiations. A simple claim can often be settled within a few months, but more complex cases can extend into years. On average, these claims take one to two years. If litigation becomes necessary, the process is further extended.

What Factors Can Impact the Length of Your Case?

Several factors can impact the timeline of your car accident settlement:

  • Injury Severity: If injuries are serious or require long-term treatment, it’s crucial to wait until the claimant has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) before settling. This ensures all damages are accounted for.
  • Liability Questions: If liability is contested or there are multiple parties involved, it can take longer to resolve. More time is necessary for a thorough investigation and evaluation of evidence.
  • Large Amounts of Compensation: Large settlement demands may require additional negotiation time; defendants and insurance companies are often more likely to fight against major payouts. 
  • Courtroom Processes: If your case goes to court, it’s at the mercy of the court’s schedule, which can be unpredictable and often lengthy due to the backlog of cases. Insurance claims are often settled sooner.

McAllen Car Accident Lawyer

Contact a Texas Car Accident Attorney to Represent Your Claim

If you’re navigating a car accident claim, it’s invaluable to have a Texas car accident attorney represent your interests. A lawyer can guide you through the complexities of the claim process, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and help you avoid errors or delays that could potentially lengthen your case. 

More importantly, an attorney can ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Schedule a free legal consultation as soon as possible to take your first steps toward justice.