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Hurricane Hanna Storm Damage Claims

If Hurricane Hanna Caused Damage to Your Home or Business, follow these steps…

STEP 1: File a Hurricane Hanna Storm Damage Claim

Call your insurance company. They will ask you questions about the damage (i.e. where your property was damaged, extend of damages, date of storm, etc.). Let the insurance company what you have done to try and prevent further damage to the property. At the end of the phone call, the agent will give you a claim number in addition to some instruction on when an adjuster will be out to assess damage. Keep your claim number somewhere safe.

STEP 2: Take Lots of Photos and Video / Save ALL Receipts

You know your property well. Take photos and video. Make sure to have a file stamp on each photo or video to determine when the photo/video was taken. The following are the things you want to look for:

  • Broken or Missing Roof Shingles
  • Broken or missing tile roof
  • Water Spots or Water Bubbles on Your Ceiling
  • Water Leaks
  • Stains on roof/floor
  • Broken Windows
  • Broken or blown away fencing
  • Damaged clothing, furniture

These photos will help show what Hurricane Hanna did to your property. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Finally, don’t forget to save ALL receipts for any expense you have incurred. For example, you may have spent the night at a hotel or paid to temporarily fix your property.

STEP 3:  Minimize Damages to Your Property

Homeowners insurance policies will require you to take steps to make sure your damage doesn’t get any worse.

STEP 4: Talk To A Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyer

This is crucial. It will help you understand the claims process. One thing that is important to realize is that the insurance company is out to make money. This is done by paying out as little as they can on any given claim. Keep in mind that accepting the insurance company’s offer right off the bat is not smart. If you feel the amount paid to you is fair, you do not need the services of a lawyer. However, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. At De La Garza Law Firm, we will assure that you get another opinion from one of the private adjusters we work with. Another important point is that any money you are offered by the insurance company at the beginning of your claim belongs to you 100%. We will not have any legal interest in that portion of money. If we can get the insurance company to pay you more than the amount initially offered as a result of an undervalued claim, we will only charge you on this new money.

How Do Attorney Fees Work?

De La Garza Law Firm understands how tiresome, annoying this process may be. Not only has it taken time away from your schedule, it has also caused distress on your property. We understand that you want your claim resolved quickly and efficiently. We also understand that you are fighting to maximize the value of your claim since you need to perform all repairs. We work on a contingency interest. We do not charge you any fees up front. If we are successful on your case, we charge you a percentage of any new money we obtain on your behalf.

Under a contingency fee model:

  • It’s FREE to start your case
  • There are NO COSTS up-front
  • There are ZERO out-of-pocket costs
  • We only get paid if you WIN

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