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Bus Injuries Suffered While Boarding or Disembarking the Bus

Getting on and off a bus may seem routine, but it can lead to unexpected injuries. Abrupt stops, reckless maneuvers, and a lack of consideration for passenger safety can transform an otherwise simple commute into a hazardous experience.

If you are injured while boarding or disembarking the bus, you may be entitled to financial compensation—and it is important to seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can help you understand your rights, assess liability, and pursue the settlement that you deserve.

Common Causes of Injuries When Getting On or Off the Bus

The moment we step onto the bus or attempt to leave, we become vulnerable to various risks that can lead to serious accidents. These incidents can result in broken bones, brain damage, spinal cord injury, and many other injuries that can have long-lasting effects.

It is the responsibility of the bus driver and his or her employer to ensure that the boarding and disembarkation process is safe, but these parties don’t always uphold this important duty. Below are some of the most common causes of boarding or disembarkation injuries:

  • Missing or broken handrails
  • Broken stairs or steps
  • Malfunctioning doors
  • Attempting to get on or off the bus before it is fully stopped
  • Wet, slippery stairs or platforms
  • Broken concrete curbs or pavement
  • Departing before the passenger has finished safely boarding the bus
  • People attempting to board the bus before passengers have finished getting off

Who Is Liable for a Bus Boarding or Disembarkation Injury?

If you were injured while boarding or disembarking the bus, you may qualify for legal action. As long as someone else’s actions caused your accident, you could pursue a personal injury claim and hold the at-fault party accountable for your losses.

Responsibility may fall upon different parties, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Negligent bus drivers or transit companies may be held accountable if their actions directly caused the accident. However, if the injury resulted from the misconduct of fellow passengers or third parties, they, too, could be deemed liable.

For example:

  • If a bus driver starts driving before a passenger disembarks safely off the bus, he or she can be found liable for negligence. His or her employer may also be held liable for the accident.
  • If a bus company is made aware of broken handrails and fails to repair them within a reasonable time, it may be held liable if someone is injured as a result.
  • If a government agency fails to repair the road near a bus stop and someone trips and falls while getting off, that agency could be held liable for failure to maintain safe roads.
  • If a passenger pushes another person who is attempting to get off the bus, that passenger could be liable if the victim falls and hurts himself or herself.

Eagle Pass Bus Accident Lawyer

In these situations, it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can represent your case and identify the at-fault party. Your lawyer can help gather evidence, determine your legal options, and take your first steps toward financial recovery. As soon as possible following the accident, contact a Texas bus accident lawyer to discuss your case and plan for the future.